It is autumn! And what is better at this time of the year than going for a walk in a colorful forest? Probably to feel good in your own skin while doing that. I didn’t feel too good. 50 percent of the time I was walking around, looking like this:


That is how you look when you lose the effort to show a little bit of decency, because your tights keep to slip down every other minute. But where would you be allowed to be indecent., if not in the woods?!


Autumn is my most favorite season. I enjoy it more to wear dresses during this time of the year than during summer. I feel more secure while wearing tights. And I feel like I look like a boxer when I am wearing spaghetti straps. My positive body attitude is dithering a lot during summer. I keep falling in to old pattern by rather sweating than showing my bare arms. I can give my confidence a break during the cold seasons. I don’t have to put it to the test everyday.


This year I wear a lot of red jackets and I am not fed up with it yet. But I do feel a little limited in my accessory choices. 

Enjoy autumn – the fresh air and the snuggeling with your clothes. For my part, I will keep in mind to wear non slipping tights the next time!

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