My third Blogpost –  I would have never thought that it would take me that long to puplish my next Post. But there were so many different factors to make this day  the right day for this Post. I was shocked how fast you fall back in to old patterns. Temporarily I was sick and just didn’t feel like stepping infront of the camera. But at times my positive attitude about my body was just not strong enough in order to write a positive Post about it. Now that I feel better, I realised that this blog is not just about my positive experiences. I want to write about the good and the bad days in the life of a plus size girl. I hope that next time I won’t hide under my covers.

But now let’s talk about this new Outfit – a miniskirt and a bright color – this just screams „Hello, here I am!“

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADuring the best Wetterauer Weather we took these pictures. With this Outfit I tackled two challenges at the same time. 1st I own this blouse for almost a year now and I never found a combination to wear it with. 2nd I finally was brave enough to wear the most basic skirt there is today. I was always jealous when I saw these skinny girls wearing these comfortable cotton skirts with an oversize shirt. It is a quick outfit that almost always works. Last week I forced myself to buy this skirt (well with 2,99 Euro you can’t do much wrong).



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI still felt a little uncomfortable in this skirt. I pulled it down every other minute and in public I felt like reading in the other peoples faces: „How can a girl like her, wear such a short skirt?“ But that is exactly what I am trying to work on. By thinking about myself as being pretty, I already did one big step. But now I also have to stop thinking about other’s judgement.


And now a little foretaste for the next Blogpost. This mustard blazer will play the leading part next time.


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