December – no other month is so full of contradictions. Christmas spreads a feeling of happiness and stress at the same time. We try to concentrate ourself on the main things in life like charity, but we are not able to escape the mass of shopping during this time of the year. And while we are still celebrating family and life in the one second, we can’t wait for the new year to come in the other second. They preach a new start, second chances at every corner. New Year’s resolution number 1: Diet! First we are overeating during the holidays and than only the upcoming bikini season counts. Because of the changes I have went through, I spend Christmas a lot different this year. I didn’t care once about how I will look on the first of January. But I had to face a whole new challenge: Defending! Why I am ok with how I look? Because I like myself!

After you finally managed to like yourself ( I am talking about liking and not loving because I am not that far yet) you realise how many people can’t stand their body image. I can’t even count how many jealous looks I had on my plates during this short time of 2014. Don’t get me wrong! I am not promoting an unhealthy lifestyle – All I am saying is, that I think my way of enjoying food in all alternatives from A – like Apple to S – like Sugar ( in german we spell Sugar with a Z ^^) I think everything else just tends to result in an obsession with food.

So don’t agonize about how I am able to like myself! Because liking myself is not your job!

To cut a long story short – I felt great in my Primark dress with the H&M earrings.


2014-01-14 10.01.09 Kopie


The dress makes your boobs look really big (I don’t like that) but it makes also a pretty waist.


So enjoy 2014 to the fullest!

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