Bicycling is my most favorite Sport! I searched for a long time to find a sport wich will be able to motivate someone who doesn’t like every sportive activity. Last year I got a new bicycle and started longer tours. I know many people think that If you are overweight you have to be lazy and unathletic. But that is not true for everybody. There are so much more reasons for being overweight than just not working out. My longest distance last year was only 25km since I just started. This year I set a much higher goal. I want to drive the 170 km from Butzbach to Cologne in 3 days. Others are able to drive this distance in only one day. But the most common reason for failure is an unrealistic goal. Because of the Winter I am not in shape and I have to get to the 70 km a day slowly. Besides this is supposed to be a vacation and not a race. Of course the altitude difference must be pointed out too. I cant’t say that I am happy thinking about the 6 km long ascending slope, one of many, that I will have to pass. But I will just be thinking about the feeling I will have after I am on top and I am that much closer to my goal.




Up until now I wore an oversized T-Shirt and normal athletic pants for sports. But oversized shirts are not suitable for bicycling. And the athletic pants will fail at the latest by Kilometer 10. But since I have a small budget and I don’t like spending my money for practical things (just like many women), are my choices narrow.

IMG-20140309-WA0007 Kopie


I got my pants from decathlon. They offer sports equipment for a good price. But if you are not a size medium you will have to be lucky to make a bargain buy. I decided to take long pants from B’twin because I wanted to be able to use them during autumn and spring. They keep you warm but you can also wear them during warmer weather. The cushion is well made and the seams don’t bother (a very important factor when it comes to sports wear). The only downside is that they are so low cut.

2014-03-12 13.53.31 Kopie


I usually wear sport shirts from NKD (the left picture – only 8 Euros) or normal Shirts (the right one is from H&M). The NKD one is really good when you think about the price and it is comfortable to wear. But it is also quite short. The right one is a very light shirt but still tight enough to be suitable.   




The glasses are from Primark and not recommendable as I know since the last tour. They make the wind just blow even more in your eyes than without them. So I bought some glasses for 4,95 from ORAO at Decathlon. You might think that they can’t be good for that price, but they are very light and protect from wind and sun. 

My most important equipment is my Bicycle!

2014-03-12 14.55.35

It is not a fancy Trekkingbike but from Pinifarina and described as a Mountainbike which you can fold. But I am pleased with it anyways. But in a long term I will have to buy a new one, because this is just not good enough for long tours. The frame is too short and the wheels are too big. But suitable bikes start at a price around 1000 Euros. 

As you can see I am still at the beginning. My longest tour was only 30 km by now. The first milestone will be the 40 km. I will keep you updated!

My motivation are views like this one: 

2014-03-12 14.53.31

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