My name is Lena and I have a problem!


My apartment is filled up with shoes that I don’t even wear. Why? Because I just can’t throw things away. That’s why I will start a new weekly journal: I will post every week an Outfit with one of these Shoes. The Outfit must have an occasion and can not just be worn for this blog. Will there be a pair of shoes left after 30 weeks, I will throw them out! Most of these shoes are pretty old, because I don’t buy lots of shoes (because of my budget) but I keep them no matter if they get out of trend or if I dont like them anymore. I always think „One day there will be an outfit for this pair of shoes.“ NO! There are not 30 shoes on this picture because I have some left in my room at my parents house and I will include those. Those are only lying around in my childhood room because Ms. Greenribbon is not brave enough to throw them away. 

The newest pair is one month old – the oldest one is 40 years old. Those are shoes from my Grandma that I wore proudly on my Prom. There must come an occasion for these shoes quickly otherwise my Grandma will be furious. 

I got this idea from Instagram. Foto_Fraulein wanted to take a picture of each pair of shoes she is wearing in april. I wanted to choin but I realised that I am just not able to diversify. So I have to create some pressure! By the way, you find the pictures from Foto_fraulein under the Hashtag: Aprilshoedays! 

Do you also have Shoecorpses in your basement? 

P.S. The 30 weeks end shortly before my first Blog Birthday! So I will start my second year tidy! :) 

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